Join FoodStars Program in April 2018: Application is Now Open

Ready to make some positive impact with your innovation? We can boost your business with some of the best-connected coaches and experts, networking opportunities, and €15K investment. Application for our first Accelerator program for horti-tech startups is now open.

FoodStars is an acceleration program for international, innovative startups in horti-tech that contribute to food security and the world’s Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that together we can drive innovation and entrepreneurship for a more sustainable and healthier food production. FoodStars also mobilizes corporates, researchers, and investors to collaborate and invest in startups in smart farming.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for innovative ventures in horti-tech that focus on future solutions with positive impact. Examples of potential innovations are applications to optimize water usage and quality by using sensors, data analytics, artificial intelligence to design models, translate data and knowledge into better growth methods, solutions to make horticulture circular, solutions to make greenhouses a source of energy, solutions to make high-tech techniques more user-friendly or adapt them to fit the local context of emerging markets.

We believe that the real disruptive innovation occurs where there is friction between the horticulture and agri-food sector and other industries,  such as energy, water management, lighting, ICT, and the chemical industry. Whether they are new technologies, production methods or business models; we seek innovations that have a social, health and or ecological impact. In other words, we target innovations that are inclusive and sustainable, and contribute to a healthier society and as such contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, preferably SDG 12 (responsible production and consumption).



What can we do for you?
Following a thorough selection process, we invite around twenty startups to our accelerator program. A 10-day Bootcamp is the pressure cooker to prepare you for your lean market validation. During these ten days, we support you to successfully validate your business model: lean market validation, customer development, business planning, etc.  You receive training, tailor-made support from your coach, guidance by acceleration experts, and networking opportunities with businesses and organizations relevant to your business.

If you are selected, we provide you with:  

  • Offline learning modules on market segmentation; team; financial modelling; lean validation approach; investment proposition; valuation; marketing/sales; impact measurement; branding; valuation; pitch training
  • Matchmaking between start-ups and investors, business partners and clients
  • Support to build operational, financial, managerial capacity
  • Opening new networks (distribution channels, client base, investors)
  • Access to online community of innovative startup entrepreneurs and FoodStars partners
  • € 15K capital investment in return for an 8% equity stake

Check out our program and apply before 2 April 2018.