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Meet our agrifood innovators from FoodStars accelerator

AgroPro Monitor

The vulnerability of crops to pests and diseases is one of the main problems that agriculture is facing. AgroPro Monitor helps agricultural professionals to identify, monitor and find solutions for phytosanitary problems. The technology is based on the IPM (Integrated Pest and Diseases Management) sciences, strengthening the means of non-chemical control allowing assertive decision-making based on scientific methods, avoiding waste and aiming at maximum effectiveness in the use of pesticides.


farmee is a software platform for indoor and vertical farms. It is partly operating-, partly eco-system with a focus on openness and accessibility. farmee connects farmers, software developers and hardware manufacturers with data-driven services to improve yields, to prevent diseases and to offer insights to the farmer.


Bring fresh Spirulina at home and avoid the 24-hours shelf life limit. A versatile food, easy to prepare, without harmful substances, more than a supplement. A complete food. Home appliance to produce fresh Spirulina.


Schaduf grows food and vegetation on building roofs and facades to increase food production and reduce heat levels inside of the buildings. They combine advanced food growing and wall greening units with smart control and monitoring systems to make their solutions accessible globally.

Burgs Foods

Burgs Foods is on a mission to make delicious and healthy cricket based food products. As a population, we need to find new sustainable protein sources in order to provide for growing needs in food without damaging the environment. The team of Burgs Foods found out that crickets are an extremely sustainable and healthy protein source and they taste great!


AcreCX is a blockchain powered agri-marketplace for fast, secure, and verifiable spot & forward sales. Food security is an urgent issue caused by weak purchasing power, cheap imports and unfair trade practices. AcreCX is solving these by working directly with farmers creating sustainable and solvent practices using a blockchain based marketplace empowering small scale farmers and shifting power from global corporations to farm cooperatives.


African Wines seeks to identify, source and distribute good quality African wines. They promote the winemakers who practice sustainable farming. This encourages winemakers to practice caution when farming and to preserve the ecosystem. Of utmost importance is giving back to local communities in various forms.


TruVito is a blockchain audit platform that enables producers to grow sustainably, create trustworthy provenance that can be shared with auditors. Finally, close the loop by enabling investors like banks, insurers, or consumers to own, finance or adopt farm assets via a decentralized marketplace. TruVito aims at well being of the consumers and promotes responsible production of the entire value system.


VeggiHap produces a circulair pasta with over 50% vegetables inside with the same bite and taste as traditional pasta. Together with you, they are reducing food waste by using the surplus and misshaped (ugly) vegetables to create tasty healthy lovable foods. They are partnering with farmers and vegetable wholesalers to not throw out these vegetables but give them to VeggiHap, and with simple craft processes, VeggiHap reimagines and crafts foods we all love.

Gabanna Pasta

Gabanna’s products are a part of the Shared Value food system. By direct sourcing partnerships, they ensure better economic value for the smallholder farmers. The green bananas go straight from the farm to our processing location. By making good agreements with the farmers, they ensure honest compensation for this important ingredient. Fair value for the farmer, that you can taste on your plate.


Herdy wants to fight malnutrition and poverty by helping livestock farmers in emerging economies with affordable and innovative solutions. Herdy is an innovative mobile based platform that helps farmers to manage their business. Herdy has been initiated by Derrick Kinyua.


Kascade is an innovative Dutch company, which developed a patented “Solar still” and a “Solar dryer”. The dryer can also desalinate/purify water if there are no goods to dry. Their goal is to increase food and water security in a sustainable way. Kascade is initiated by Hans Simons.


Sanam is a Colombian based startup dedicated to the use of byproducts of coffee fruit processing that are usually discarded. These byproducts are transformed into functional ingredients with important antioxidative properties; this added value is hard to find, especially in products with mass production capacity.

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