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Rapid population growth and urbanization challenges our food production
Our world population is growing in one generation with more than two billion people. Most of us, around two third of the population, will live in cities. And they are getting bigger and bigger. Add the effects of climate change and it is safe to say that we face big challenges to the way we are producing our food.


Photo credit: Mark David Weverling and The New Farm.



FoodStars mobilizes broad alliance to invest in innovative startups
World Startup Factory and Truvalu.startups, two international innovation accelerators, initiated FoodStars to invite a broad coalition of corporates, research and knowledge institutes, government bodies and investors to invest together in boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in the sector. The New Farm, an international hub for urban farming, Svensson, a Swedish company in climate control for greenhouses, the City of The Hague and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality are the first to support FoodStars.


Photo credit: Mark David Weverling and The New Farm.


FoodStars and its partners aim to foster 500 startups in next five years
Our activities are twofold. First, we foster innovative startups in smart farming that can feed the world’s cities. New technologies, production methods or business models; innovations that not only improve productivity and efficiency. But also have a social, health and or ecological impact. Second, together with our partners we are forging a lasting ecosystem for innovative startups in smart farming in metropolitan areas.

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