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We are looking for new coaches and business developers to support our innovative startups in horticulture. Join our extensive network of coaches and experts!
FoodStars Accelerator is an intensive six-month acceleration program, which enables startup entrepreneurs (both from the Netherlands and emerging countries) with an innovative horticulture related product or service to enter emerging and / or new markets.


The innovation needs to be technically proven and needs to contribute to an enhancement of the agricultural industry in these new markets. The entrepreneur is at the heart of the program and hands-on business development support through mentorship is an essential part of the program.


The startups will receive the support of two different professionals: the coach and the business developer. In general the scope of the coaches is not content focused but focuses on the process where the startup will be able to learn and apply the learnings. On the other hand, business developers will support the startup with advice on scope, market, content and on how to develop their business. Coaches and business developers are connected to startup after May 15th, exact date will follow.

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We are looking forward to working with you on innovative solutions that help to achieve food security for all. If you like to become a FoodStars coach or business developer, get in touch with our program manager:


Pedro Valarini
+31 642756109

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