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Let’s work together to make our food production more sustainable, secure and safe



New alliance to foster innovative startups in smart farming across the globe
Approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption in the world is wasted. The food wasted in Europe alone would be enough to feed all the hungry people in the world two times over. In addition, agriculture is a major contributor to climate change, and by 2050 Earth will have an additional two billion people to feed.


New technologies give the rise to ideas around the way we grow and transport food. Consumers are paying more attention to where their meals are from. And we will need to find a way to pull off a daunting triple challenge: how to produce more food with less land and less water, at a lower cost. Entrepreneurs can help solve those issues.


FoodStars is an open innovation platform that support international startups and intrapreneurial innovations in agrifood sector both regionally and globally. Whether they are new technologies, production methods or business models; we seek innovations that not only improve productivity and efficiency, but also have a social, health and ecological impact.


The FoodStars platform brings together a broad coalition of research centers and institutes, corporates and hubs, government and trade agencies and last but not least investors and financial institutions. We believe everyone benefits from the cross-fertilisation within FoodStars.


The FoodStars accelerator also helps the selected companies to get their first clients, prepare them for trade and boost them to the level at which they become attractive for impact investors.

“We support FoodStars because our sector needs a collaborative platform to recruit and grow innovative startups, especially foreign businesses.”

Maarten Oostenbrink, General Manager of Svensson

Meet the

Core Team

Meet the FoodStarts team. A motivated, international and multi-disciplinary group of startup, acceleration, investment and communications professionals.
  • Peter Buis
    Peter Buis Platform Director

    Partnerships | Fund | Acceleration Support

  • Mathijs Koper
    Mathijs Koper Platform Director

    Partnerships | Fund | Acceleration Support

  • Milah Wouters
    Milah Wouters Accelerator Lead

    Program Design and Execution | Team Management | Account Management

  • Aditya Putta
    Aditya Putta Sourcing Lead

    Startup Sourcing | Selection

  • Sergey Gridin
    Sergey Gridin Sourcing Support

    Startup Sourcing | Selection | Acceleration Support

  • Pedro Valarini
    Pedro Valarini Community Manager

    Community Coordination | Moderation | Supervision

  • Merel Koolen
    Merel Koolen Communications Lead

    Communication | Website & Design | Content Creator

  • Daniël Steginga
    Daniël Steginga Acceleration Manager

    Acceleration Support | Prototyping | Technology Support

  • Eveline Braam
    Eveline Braam Managing Director The New Farm

    Business Strategy | Team Management | Funding

  • Egbert Ottevanger
    Egbert Ottevanger Acceleration Manager

    Acceleration Support | Business Development | Technology & IP

  • Gerrit Jan van ‘t Veen
    Gerrit Jan van ‘t Veen Acceleration Manager

    Acceleration Support | Business Strategy | Customer Development

  • Jan Verkooijen
    Jan Verkooijen Investment Lead

    Investments | Deal Structuring

Kitchen Cabinet

  • Bastiaan Meijer
    Bastiaan Meijer COO New World Campus
  • Maarten Oostenbrink
    Maarten Oostenbrink Managing Director Ludvig Svensson

Coaches and business Developers

  • Simone Lamers
    Simone Lamers Coach

    Food technology | Sustainability

  • Fernando Russo
    Fernando Russo Business Developer

    Entrepreneur | Marketing | Impact Investor

  • Anne-Claire van Altvorst
    Anne-Claire van Altvorst Coach

    Personal coaching | Food & Health | Strategy

  • Charu Mittra
    Charu Mittra Coach

    Leadership and business coaching | Strategies for transformation

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We are looking forward to working with you on innovative solutions that help to achieve food security for all. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


If you would like to discuss how we can collaborate, please contact:


Peter Buis


If you like to become a FoodStars coach or expert, please contact:


Pedro Valarini

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